Brown Bag Speakers

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Brown Bag Speakers and Subject Matter

June 2002 – March 2004

Ms. Steavy Jakubik – Ennis – Czech Heritage

Mr. Mike McMinn – Waxahachie – Cotton Industry

Ms. Joanna Dunn – Ferris – Ferris Brick Manufacturing

Mr. Horace Bratcher – Waxahachie – Horse Sense

Mr. Wilbur Stephenson – Midlothian – Hawkins Spring

Mr. John Percival – Ennis – HT&C & Ellis County Railroads

Ms. Jimmie Faye Bynum & Ms. Ann Bynum – Red Oak, Maypearl – Ellis County Rodeo Arena

Mr. Bill Pitts – Waxahachie – Downtown Waxahachie

Ms. Mattie Borders – Waxahachie – Oak Lawn School

Ms. Sugar Glaspy – Ennis – “Malinda and her Men”

Ms. Reeda Peel – Ennis – 10,000 Years of Ellis County Pre-history

Ms. Mary Ellen Dale – Waxahachie – Early Days of Teaching in Waxahachie

Ms. Jenny Kellum – Red Oak – A Family’s Role in Early Texas and Ellis County History

Ms. Virginia Duff – Ferris – Texas State Legislator

Dr. Jack Kelly – Waxahachie – Veterinary Medicine of the 40’s & 50’s

Mr. Bruce Webb – Waxahachie – Fraternal Organizations

Mr. Roy & Ms. Jeanette Burks, Mr. Weindell Stiles, Ms. Jean Heffernan – Waxahachie, Maypearl, Waxahachie – “Birds of Ellis County”

Mr. Warren Culbertson – Waxahachie – Weather, Technology, and Television

Lois Hacker, Elizabeth Sims, Mattie Matthews, and Helen Smith – Waxahachie – Nursing in Waxahachie

Mr. Alton Adams – Rockett – Farming in Ellis County

Mr. Jack Sparkman – Bristol – “Let Me Tell You About Bristol”

Ms. Shirley Campbell – Midlothian – Native Texas and Ellis County plants

September 2009 – Present

Ms. Shirley Williams – Ina Bess Lumpkins, Ellis County Artist, September 2009

Ms. Marietta Allen – The Ferris Brick Company, October 2009

Mr. George Weatherly – Trench Art – The Overlooked Folk Art, January 2010

Mr. Edward Burleson – A History of Burleson Honey, February 2010

Mr. Bill Abbott – The history of the town of Oak and Oak Branch, March 2010

Mr. Jim Chapman – Restoration of the M-K-T Depot, April 2010

Mr. Larry Felty – “Folk Art Constructions,” September 2010

Mr. Chad Hicks – The Calaboose and Wyatt Real Estate Office, October 2010

Ms. Nancy Cannaday – “Bonnie & Clyde,” January 2011

Mr. Mark Singleton – The History of Citizens National Bank, February 2011

Mr. Billy Ray Hancock – “The Evolution of Richards Park,” March 2011

Ms. Anita Williamson – “Waxahachie Main Street Program: A Brief History,” April 2011

Dr. Tommy Stringer – “The Pearce Museum at Navarro College,” September 2011

Ms. Ellen Beasley – “Discovering Historic East Waxahachie,” October 2011

Ms. Glinda Felty & Ms. Chris Bhore – “The Hawkins Street Family of Waxahachie,” January 2012

Ms. Karen Kay Esberger – “Some History of Midlothian – Founding through the early 1900s,” February 2012

Mr. Keith Roberts – “The Inner Workings of the Ellis County Courthouse,” March 2012

Ms. Sugar Glaspy – “Miss Emily’s Diary: A Pioneer Woman in Navarro and Ellis Counties,” September 2012

Mr. Ken Roberts – “KBEC Radio, Waxahachie, Texas,” October 2012

Ms. Elmerine Bell – “We Still Hear His Voice” – The Tenure of Professor W. H. Stafford in the Italy Public Schools, November 2012

Ms. Peggy Crabtree – “Hard Times on Hawkins Street and Other Family Stories of Early Ellis County,” January 2013

Mr. Bruce Webb – “Fraternal Organizations of Waxahachie,” February 2013

Mr. David Price – “Sims Library in the 21st Century,” March 2013

Don Locke, D.D.S. – “The Supper Quilt,” April 2013

Wendel Dickason – “Base Ball in the 1860s,” September 2013

George Cole – “The Waxahachie Powder Mill,” October 2013

Scott Green – “General Edward H. Tarrant,” January 2014

Elmerine Bell – “The Remnants of St. Mary Cemetery,” February 2014

Jim Templin – “Ennis History,” March 2014

Rusty Brenner – “Texas Cemetery Restoration,” April 2014

Clyde Melick – “The Growth of Waxahachie,” September 2014

David Smith – “Cattle Drives of Texas,” October 2014

Jim West – Nature Photographer, January 2015

Karen Carreon – “Ferris, Texas,” February 2015

Sharan Farmer – “Bardwell, Texas,” March 2015

Steve Chapman – “Early Pioneer Recollections,” April 2015

David Hudgins – “Historic and Modern Fires in Waxahachie,” October 2015

David Smith – “Stained Glass Windows in Ellis County Churches,” January 2016

Bruce Webb – “Fraternal Societies in Waxahachie,” February 2016

Bill Abbott – “Ellis County Columbian Mammoth Excavation,” March 2016

John Wray – “Being a Freshman in the Texas State House of Representatives,” April 2016

Rollin Phipps – “North Texas Rails,” September 2016

John Stevens – “Early Years in Texas – The Gathings Start a New Home – 1855-1860,” October 2016

“Waxahachie Remembers” video, January 2017

Alex Toprac – “The New Age Historical Homes & Structures,” February 2017

Sharan Farmer – “The Early History of the Sims Family in Ellis County,” March 2017

John Hamilton – “The Naming of Waxahachie,” April 2017

Larry Felty – “Folk Art – A Discussion of Folk Art Forms,” September 2017

David Smith – “Saddlebags & Bibles – Circuit Riding Preachers,” October 2017

Jack Dunaway – “Local Birds to Teach Your Children and Grandchildren to Identify,” January 2018

Mr. Kirk Hunter & Ms. Maureen Moore – “The Arts – One Pillar of Chautauqua,” February 2018

Larry & Pam Wilhoite – “Texans and Their Confederate Flags,” March 2018

Ms. Nancy Farrar – “Women of Early Texas and Ellis County,” April 2018

Ms. Candace Ahlfinger – “Chautauqua Memories,” September 2018

Steve Chapman – “Electric Fans and Cylinder Phonographs,” January 2019

Diana Buckley – “Modern Quilting Practices,” February 2019

Tina Bohlman – “The Ellis County Art Association,” March 2019

Lu Ann Aday – “The Ellis County Rural Heritage Farm,” April 2019